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10 interesting facts about repair

Fact one — the age of the oldest toilet is more than 2000 years
Fact two — the ancient Romans already had warm floors
Fact three — there’s a cool thing in the world called the Relault Triangle that can make practically even square holes
Fact four — in 2013 in Africa there are houses made of stone salt, the inhabitants of which are not afraid of possible rains — there is practically no rain
Fact five — in the 1790s in French and English cities increasingly began to build houses with one window and door, the reason for this was the tax on additional windows and doors
Fact six — at the same time they invented wall lamps and put mirrors that reflected the light throughout the space
Fact seven — in one German town there is an elite area, and it is strictly forbidden to drive cars, so around the perimeter of the district are built garages where people leave their cars and walk home
Fact eight — in Finland one sauna for 3 people. Total population — 5 million. Number of saunas and baths — 1.5 million.
Fact ninth — rice porridge was one of the components for the construction of the famous Chinese Wall
Fact number ten — the word «repair» comes from the French and means «correction, repair»

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