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5 effective tips for everyone who wants to make room spacious

First step — single color ceiling, walls and floor

Make all these elements light (for example, lay light laminate on the floor, design quality material for the walls and ceiling) and you will notice the difference.


The second step — transparent objects

Vases of different shapes are perfect.


Third step — increase the door aperture

A high walkway is only fun for your guests with large stature. Therefore, increase the maximum space and exit the room.


Fourth step — high glass and mirrors

You know how in American movies, you know how often the characters walk around a house that always has a balcony with a glass door?

About the same can be achieved and you - go to the nearest store for things for the interior will tell you how to pick up similar quality glass in your room.


Step five — Fill more corners

So much cooler. Right now, look at your room — can you take something out of the center and put it closer to the corner?

If yes — feel free to drag the table, TV or any other thing that has a minor impact on the interior, but is visible.


We also recommend that you evaluate in our portfolio examples of rooms where everything is spacious and light.



Have a good view!

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