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1) Ecology

Birds, air and silence... All this positively affects the longevity of man.

2) No neighbors — shout all you want!

Often the neighbors play tennis together, fry steaks and just tell each other jokes. In the panel house, I think, other than the anecdotes you have it is unlikely to work.

3) Dimensions

New houses — cool, large. They include houses from 150 sq. m, or with two or more floors. Almost everyone who starts building a house uses modern layouts.

The house of 100 square meters is considered average. There are old houses since the Soviet Union, like grandmothers in the village, they are considered small.


4) Site

In addition to the size of the house, you get a plot. Pickles, tomatoes, fruit — even any man, not like a girl, probably interesting to do it.


This area can be used for a garage, playground or swimming pool.

5) Repair

As they say, the master. You «fuel» your ship and can plan the house as you like.

However, to make repairs in the apartment — quite a long and much harder process, we will not tell about it, it is better to immediately buy a house.

6) Communications

There is no problem with hot water, i.e., there is cold — there is hot.

You turn the heating on yourself, not when someone is cold or hot.

All other systems (electricity, sewage) are also made individually for each house.

7) Parking

We talked about the plot when we bought the house. So, when planning the construction or repair of the house qualified specialists often give advice where and how to place a garage for your car. Once you’ve built a garage, you don’t have to look for it anymore and pay for it, your car is safe.

7 advantages of own home or as make your own corner of your apartment

7 advantages of own home or as make your own corner of your apartment

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