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7 tips on how to connect the living room with the kitchen

Tip 1  count how many pluses!


  • Two windows for sure you will have more light, respectively, visually more space

  • Party cool and easy

  • You will never forget to turn off the pan or kettle if you leave the kitchen :)

Tip 2 bar counter

The kitchen and living room must be separated by something. The bar counter is one of the best solutions.


Tip 3 – exhaust cabinet

Install it to remove the odors that will surely come without interference from the kitchen to the room.

Tip 4 – do not change kitchen and living room

Remember that in the living area no one carries cooking appliances.

Tip 5 – contact specialists

Find design specialists and step to them with a question about the layout of the kitchen and you will receive informative answers about the correct redevelopment of your apartment (what documents are needed, how best to plan the budget and so on).

Tip 6 – for lovers of open plan

In modern interior design, this is a very attractive solution. Sometimes the living room and kitchen are connected in order to enlarge the living room :)

Tip 7 – for those who want to increase the area

If you want to increase the space in your home - creating a single room will be a great solution. Want to see examples of such rooms? – Press!

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