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Yandex’s new office

​The design of Yandex’s new office was completed. It is noteworthy that this is the second office of this company in the city, and even more interesting, both offices are in the same building. In 2008, the first office was opened, which is located on the ground floor of this business center. The design was bright and memorable, and received a lot of praise. Four years later, Yandex decided to replicate the success on a larger scale - the new office of Yandex is twice the size of the old one, occupies the entire fourth floor of the building and has a corridor of approximately 200 meters long (full office area of 3310 sq.m.). 

The architects had two tasks: to fill the complex extended space along the corridor. And the second task - to make the office spectacular and memorable. 

Across the corridor there are unusual objects, recognizable by everyone who has ever used the services of Yandex. Thanks to them, guests of the office are fully immersed in the services of Yandex: at the reception they are met by the button "Search" and yellow arrow (unofficial emblem). As they pass along the corridor, they see familiar details of the site interface: a username and a mail window password, at every step they meet symbols of Yandex services, although they are not so easily recognizable - they are made in 3D form and pixelized. In general, the new office of Yandexapol has, as the architects wanted, spectacular and memorable. 

Material taken from the website

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