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5 methods of applying which office employees will work more efficiently

Method 1 — air conditioning and comfortable armchairs

A high-quality air conditioner will provide constant comfort inside the office and good, soft chairs (good, the choice is now very great) will allow employees to work without tension without the back. I recently bought a chair with different folding modes (i.e. the back can be fixed in different positions) and now insisted on the same chairs for colleagues :)


Method 2 make the office more spacious

The easiest way is to make it in standard white colors. About how to make the room visually several times more spacious read in the material «5 effective tips for everyone who wants to make the room spacious»

Method 3 Correct lighting

Use medium power lamp. The light should be of high quality, go on the background, so do not shine directly into your eyes. Simply put, use only LED lights and arrange them correctly.

Method 4 Use wall surface
Over your desk you can hang a variety of utility: a board for ideas or hooks for your things. Let your imagination run wild.

Method 5 unique style

In the office you need to put various decorative items. For example, some exotic vases, colorful chairs. Of course, these are only recommendations, but in various cases they have proved effective. Haven’t you ever wanted to visit a Google office where everything is colorful, cool and attractive? :)


And in the end, do not forget, the best solution for effective work teamwork, work on it!

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